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Quick and easily fitted to a fixed, caged or free standing ladder at the start and end of a day the Chalford LADDERGUARD renders the ladder inaccessible during periods when they are not in use.

Used by leading national house builders to assist with site safety, the Chalford STAIRWELL GUARDS are extremely quick and easy to install around open stairwells when operatives are working in the immediate risk area.

Ladder Guards

Chalford Ladder Guards are the ideal deterrent to unauthorised climbing of site ladders. The following are our two most popular sizes of Ladderguards, although they can be made to suit your requirements.

Manufactured from 2.5mm aluminium sheet or from Galvanised Mild Steel they are 1400mm long by either 250mm or 325mm wide. Supplied with a DANGER - KEEP OFF warning sticker attached, they can be quickly secured to the ladder for locking into position with a padlock that is fitted with common keys.

All Ladder Guard / Ladder Locks are 1400mm Long (approx) although other widths and lengths can be made to measure. Call for more info

Ladder Guard Instructions

Chalford Ladder Guards are the ideal deterrent to unauthorised climbing of site ladders.

1. Simply hook the Ladder Guard over a rung on the ladder, with the bottom of the Ladder Guard as low as possible on the ladder, but without touching the ground (Step 1).

2. Hook the bracket onto a rung of the ladder, behind the ladder, using as much of the slack chain as possible (Step 2).

3. Pull all the slack chain through the hole, to the front of the Ladder Guard. Put the padlock through the nearest link and lock (Step 3).

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